Published by New Holland Publishers

Due for release in late 2023

This book, which is written in an easy to read and entertaining style, details the many and varied gardening techniques that readers can utilise to create a beautiful low-maintenance garden with a focus on tough, resilient and drought tolerant plants. The first section of the book provides invaluable tips on how to design and create a garden that will require minimal maintenance and information on how to successful grow plants in containers.

The second section of this unique book relates, with subtle humour, the stories of the lives of approximately 250 plants, all of which are growing in the author’s extensive garden, and details each plant’s specific cultivation requirements and growth habits. With seven categories of plants, from annuals and perennials, to bulbs, bromeliads, succulents, trees and shrubs, all of which are illustrated with stunning images, there are plenty of opportunities for readers to discover a host of attractive plants that, thanks to the practical information provided, will thrive with minimal attention.

The wide range of plants featured includes both familiar species and those that are a little unusual. You’ll meet the enchanting Portulaca grandiflora that, although it can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, is still a magical performer that’s as enduring as the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. You’ll be introduced to Dietes iridiodes, the glamorous Wild Iris that, being as invincible as the Grim Reaper himself, can survive the worst of droughts, and to Crinum bulbispermum, the elegant Crinum Lily that, undaunted by the poorest of soils and the harshest of climatic conditions, soldiers on and grows with as little concern about its situation as the sunburnt warts on the hide of a rhinoceros.

Format: Paperback

Book Size: 210 x 170 mm

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