The vast Australian continent, with its diverse climatic regions, has the appropriate conditions for land owners to raise a wide range of farm animals. Sheep and cattle have, over the years, been the backbone of the country’s farming sector, but farmers have learnt to diversify their interests. Beef and wool remain among the country’s most important rural products but new and unusual farming pursuits are continually being developed.

Organic methods of farming are gaining in popularity as farmers become increasingly aware of the need to care for the land and the environment, and with farmers and consumers concerned for the welfare of livestock, pigs, poultry and other livestock are being raised in more humane and healthier conditions.

In this gallery you’ll see images of familiar farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and horses that graze over vast tracts of land – from sprawling inland plains to the fertile valleys and lush fields that lie closer to the coast. There are also photos of poultry, including free range turkeys and chickens, of farmed deer and ostriches, and also of alpacas that are bred for both wool and meat.

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