Australia is a very dry continent, but despite that fact, it has many rivers, lakes and wetlands, all of which support diverse communities of wildlife.

The most important waterway is the iconic Murray River that, together with the Darling River and other minor tributaries, forms the country’s longest river system that makes its contorted 3,672km journey from south-western Queensland to its gaping estuary in South Australia.

In Australia, water frequently plays a role in recreational activities, with fishing and boating, together with camping and picnicking beside a picturesque waterway or lake, all being traditional components of the great Australian way of life. And with many lakes, rivers, and wetlands on the doorstep of urban areas and popular holiday destinations, a close encounter with some of the many species of wildlife that call the aquatic world their home is almost guaranteed.

The photos shown here include views of Australian rivers, lakes and wetlands in urban, coastal and bushland areas. There are also images of waterways in the outback where even the mightiest of rivers are reduced to little more than a series of muddy waterholes when the savage hand of drought slaps the arid landscape. And by clicking on the buttons above you can discover the aquatic natural attractions within a specific state.

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