The Australian outback is often portrayed as a desolate region that’s dominated by deserts and vast treeless plains that stretch to every distant horizon, and although such landscapes are an integral part of the inland regions of Australia, the outback has much more to offer..

The photos that you’ll see here give a glimpse of the many and varied landscapes of the outback – including long dirt roads, steaming artesian springs, rivers and lakes, resilient vegetation and scenes of the landscape during drought when cracked soil and rapidly evaporating pools of water are prominent features of a land that appears to be in its death throes.

It’s a different story after rain when the Australian outback landscape is transformed and freckled with ephemeral lakes that reflect azure skies and, as the rains obliterate memories of the most recent drought and wash away the despair that drought has triggered in those who love this great land, new hope for the future is born and Mother Nature rolls out a welcome mat of wildflowers that carpet the outback landscape.

While the outback has an abundance of natural attractions, it’s also dotted with historical features, with old stockyards, shearing sheds and the crumbling ruins of buildings that were once inhabited by hardy pioneers offering a glimpse of a long gone era. And in the sleepy towns where life goes on at a pace that’s little faster than that of a fossilised weevil, historic pubs, where friendly locals will offer a welcoming ‘G’day mate!’ and freely offer their knowledge of local attractions, are a great place to spend some time.

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    old butcher's shop at outback town of Nymagee, near Cobar in NSW AustraliaSolitary mulga tree and skeleton of kangaroo on Australian outback plains

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