In the beginning …

Australian insect, Blowfly, Calliphora species, on green leaf

I was a writer long before I had any concept of how to use a camera, and my love affair with words began at such an early age that I’ve always assumed that I must have scrawled my first unintelligible prose in daubs of blood as I emerged, screaming and gasping, from the womb, but when photography came into my life it opened a new door and allowed me to incorporate my insatiable passion for wildlife and for flowers into my work.

Photography rapidly took control of my life and I ultimately became a fully-fledged addict, getting a high from every image that captured the wonders of the natural world and occasionally struggling with the symptoms of withdrawal when, for reasons beyond my control, I was briefly forced to live without a camera in my hand.

My addiction to photography means that the thought of a day without a camera in my hand is something that I look forward to with as much excitement as the promise of a weekend in a broom cupboard, but I’ve resigned myself to my addictions, embraced them with every scrap of my physical and mental energy, for unlike other addictions that can ultimately have severe social and health consequences, photography and writing have brought me nothing but new and welcome challenges, overwhelming happiness, the opportunity for travel and adventure, and last – but least – an income. 

Australian wombat, Vombatus ursinus, in the wild in NSW Australia

Here, there and everywhere ….

Life, for me, is as good as it gets when I’m travelling in the great outdoors taking photos of stunning Australian landscapes or unique and beautiful wildlife, and after every trip I’m impatient to begin another adventure. As a freelance travel writer and photographer I can paddle my kayak along lazy rivers, drift across the calm waters of lakes, dawdle along sandy beaches, and peer into every nook and cranny of outback or mountainous national parks all in the name of work. It’s an enviable lifestyle that might appear to be an endless series of holidays, but in reality it’s hard work, although you certainly won’t hear me complaining.

When it comes to travel, I’ll go wherever there’s the chance of a good story or wherever the opportunity to capture some great images leads me – from the coastal regions of Australia to its rainforests and the outback and anywhere in between. Overseas adventures have led me to South America, Easter Island, Dubai, Singapore and Britain, and although my extensive photo library includes many images of these varied destinations, you won’t find them here as this site focuses entirely on images of Australia. If you’re looking for photos of any of these alternative regions however, please contact me to see what’s available or CLICK HERE to head to the British section of this site.

During the approximately 30 years of my career, my written and photographic work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and books in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Canada. My articles and images have also been been used by Australian tourism authorities in their promotional material, and my photos have been used on advertising and packaging material, on calendars, on web sites, in television programmes, and in my four books on gardening and Australian wildlife that have been published by New Holland Publishers. CLICK HERE to learn more and to read extracts from each of these highly informative and entertaining books.

With other books in the pipeline there’ll be no rest for the wicked in the foreseeable future, and with many more stunning destinations on my travel agenda there’ll be a plethora of new photos of Australia to add to this continually evolving site.

Photos of Australia background image