Photo of sunset over lake in Australia

Photo of Australian bird, rainbow lorikeet,

Photos by Stephanie Jackson

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Thanks for dropping by, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share every photo within my extensive collection of images of Australia with you.

Photography has been my passion and my business for almost 30 years, and as a photographer who’s addicted to her art, a day without a camera in my hand seems as enthralling as a wet weekend in a broom cupboard.

During the many years of my work as a journalist, travel writer, and photographer my images have been published in books, newspapers and magazines in countries around the world, including Australia, the USA, Canada, Britain and New Zealand. My photos have also been used on advertising and packaging material, on calendars, on web sites, in television programmes, and in my book ‘Australian Wildlife On Your Doorstep,’ which was released in 2019 by New Holland Publishers.

Photo of Australian giant green tree frog, Litoria caerulea, on vivid red flower of a bromeliad

Now that you’re here, take some time to relax, sit back in comfort, put your feet up and browse through the stunning images in the site’s numerous and diverse PHOTO GALLERIES. I guarantee that it will be time well spent and that any hint of stress will be vanquished from your life as quickly as an excess of mayonnaise dribbles from a sandwich.

I’m sure that a smile of pleasure will creep across your face as you gaze at photos of Australia that are as awe-inspiring and diverse as the Australian landscape itself, for here you’ll discover spectacular pictures of the outback, photos of colourful birds and unique animals in their natural habitats, and stunning images of wildflowers that daub the landscape with their palette of gaudy colours.

You can enjoy a virtual tour of Australia’s spectacular national parks and beaches, explore meandering rivers and outback streams, or take a glimpse at some of this great continent’s sprawling cities and picturesque historic villages – and there are many more images to come with additional categories of photos to be added in the coming weeks. I hope that you’ll come back again soon – and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you discover here, now and in the future, as this site continues to evolve.

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Photo of Australian outback landscape with wildflowers

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I hope you’ll enjoy everything you see and read on this extensive and continually evolving site, and I look forward to hearing from you, but remember, if you find errors relating to the creation of this website, and I’m sure you will, I’m a photographer and a writer, not a computer nerd.

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