There are some weird and unusual road signs in Australia, and in this photo gallery you’ll see some of the most bizarre signs that you’ll see anywhere in the world.

Road signs warn motorists of a range of dangers from wildlife that may be crossing the road – including turtles and tortoises, kangaroos, wild horses (which are known as brumbies), mallee fowl, and swamp hens.

Someone once asked why the chicken crossed the road, and while I can’t provide any definitive answers, drivers in some parts of the country, according to road signs, need to look out for roosters that are crossing the road ahead.

Other road users, such as those driving horse drawn carriages may also pose a risk, and even people not on a roadway face serious danger – if the plethora of signs around the country are to be believed.

You can have the limb of a tree fall on your head or topple over a cliff, but signs advertising coffee and fresh fruit offer more than doom and gloom.


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