Australian outback landscape, wildflowers and solitary mulga / acacia tree on outback plains of Sturt National Park in north-western NSW Australia.

“There’s nothing to see out there,” some people insist when I mention that the Australian outback will be my next travel destination, and I invariably correct their misconceptions  for the outback is a region with an abundance of  spectacular natural attractions.

During times of drought the landscape may not be at its most alluring best, but the arid treeless plains that reach out to every distant horizon have their own unique beauty. There’s far more to see in the outback than deserts and barren plains however, and although this gallery includes photos of outback NSW when droughts and the impact of climate change have taken a heavy toll on the landscape, it also displays images of the outback in better times.

Here there are pictures of vibrant and resilient landscapes when welcome rains have fallen and transformed once arid areas into verdant oases and triggered colourful wildflowers to bloom in profusion.

Images featured in this gallery also include historic buildings in the isolated outback towns of Nymagee and Milparinka, the old Mount Wood shearing shed in Sturt National Park, the sprawling sand hills near Wentworth, the vast open cut gold mine at Cobar,  and long roads that slice across the landscape to the distant horizon where red soil and blue skies unite.

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