Australia has more than 600 national parks that cover a total of more than 28 million hectares –  which is approximately 4% of the continent’s land mass. Another 6% of this vast island continent is protected as conservation areas, state forests and nature reserves, and the really good news is that many of the most scenically beautiful sites are right on the doorstep of the country’s major cities and thus easily accessible to everyone.

The Australian national parks that are featured on this site include some that are dominated by rainforests, coastal parks that are hemmed by vast beaches, and wilderness areas that are severed by rivers and muttering streams, while others are in the heart of the outback. What every park has in common however is an abundance of wildlife.

The photos below offer a tantalising glimpse of the wonders of the natural world that can be discovered in Australian national parks, and by clicking on the buttons above you can explore the great outdoors within a specific state.

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