Australian fungi and toadstools, red toadstools / fungi, Boletellus ananas

Only a small percentage of the many species of Australian fungi have been studied . Researchers estimate that there are some 250,000 fungal species in Australia, including about 5,000 species of mushrooms and toadstools, but only a mere five per cent of this staggering number have been official described.

The fungi featured in this photo gallery include the beautiful stinkhorn fungus, Phallus multicolor, the weird and wonderful crab pot fungus, Colus pusillus, and the red starfish fungus Aseroe rubra. Each of these emits an unpleasant odour that attracts flies that spread their minute spores.

Other images here show white toadstools – an Amanita species, the bracket fungus Hexagonia tenuis,  and the attractive red Boletellus ananas.

Additional images of fungi and toadstools will be added in the near future.

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