Plastic covered greenhouse on farm in Australia

While the primary emphasis of my work as a photographer and writer relates to travel and Australian wildlife, I also cover agricultural issues, with my articles and photos relating to agriculture and horticulture having been published in several of Australia’s most popular farming magazines, including the national publication Small Farms to which I was a monthly contributor for around nine years.

The images included in this gallery show a wide range of farming activities and include photos of worms at a commercial worm farm, sugar cane plantations, strawberries growing in a hydroponic system in a high-tech greenhouse, and fruit and vegetables produced by organic farming methods.

The great diversity of fresh and healthy foods featured here, in cultivation, include pumpkins, tomatoes, capsicums, peas and cauliflowers, in addition to popular salad vegetables such as lettuces and beetroot. There are photos of familiar fruit – including pineapples, apples and pears as well as less common varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruit such as Australian native finger limes (a species of citrus), jack fruit and dragon fruit – a species of cactus that’s also known as pitaya.

Other photos show a tractor plough a field, workers harvesting potatoes, crops of canola flowering, and various aspects of cotton growing with bales of cotton that have been harvested.

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