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orange flower of Lilium tigrinum Lilium tigrinum
IMG 3808

white perfumed flower of magnolia grandifloraMagnolia grandiflora
IMG 0731

yellow bracts and white flowers of Pachystachys lutea on black background Pachystachys lutea
IMG 8352

nepenthes carnivorous pitcher plantNepenthes - pitcher plant IMG 15

yellow flowers of ground cover plant Lysimachia congestiflora
IMG 7711

pink bracts and flowers of Mussaenda Queen Sirikit
Mussaenda 'Queen Sirikit' IMG 4981

mauve and yellow flowers of nemesia fruit tingle
Nemesia 'Fruit Tingle'
IMG 8194

yellow flowers of succulent plant Pachypodium densiflorum
Pachypodium densiflorum IMG 7515

pink and white petunia flower
Petunia flower
IMG 7939

pink flowers of tropical vireya rhododendron Strawberry Sundae
Vireya rhododendron
IMG 5932

pink flowers of Spiraea japonica Anthony Waterer may bush
Spiraea japonica
IMG 6563

red flwoers of Catharanthus roseus vinca
Catharanthus roseus
IMG 7731

red petunia flowers
Petunia flowers
IMG 7229

prostanthera ovalifolia
Prostanthera ovalifolia IMG 3825

purple flower of orchid Vanda arambeen
Vanda arambeen
IMG 5723

red and white flowers of Verbena Voodoo
Verbena 'Voodoo'
IMG 4679

white flowers of Pieris ryukuensis temple bells
Pieris ryukuensis
IMG 7254

magenta flower of Ruellia macrantha
Ruellia macrantha
IMG 4377

bird of paradise flower Strelitzia reginae on black background
Strelitzia reginae
IMG 8263

white flowers of Eucaris amazonica Amazon lily on black background
Eucaris amazonica
IMG 8192


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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