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oncidium orchid flower Oncidium orchid
IMG 7031

palnt growing in decorative container, bootContainer gardening
IMG 6762

magenta pink flowers of Buddleia CranRazz Buddleia 'CranRazz' IMG 8260

pink flowers of Lamium maculatum Beacon SilverLamium maculatum
IMG 7760

yellow flower of Oncidium orchid
Oncidium orchid
IMG 7054

purple flower of Vuylstekeara orchid
Vuylstekeara orchid
IMG 8233

yellow flower bracts fo Pachystachys lutea on black background
Pachystachys lutea
IMG 8279

pink petunia flowers
Petunia flowers
IMG 7028

purple flowers of Plectranthus plepalila Mona Lavender
IMG 7174

protea flower
Protea flower
IMG 7105

magenta red flwoer of Buddleia CranRazz
Buddleia 'CranRazz'
IMG 8266

orange flowers of Crocosmia / montbretia aurea on black background
Crocosmia aurea
IMG 7723

flowers of Lavender pedunculata Senheart
IMG 8206

red flower of Louisiana iris
Louisiana iris
IMG 8251

pink flowers of Hippeastrum Jenny
Hippeastrum 'Jenny'
IMG 8283

orange flowers of Justicia spicigera on black background
Justicia spicigera
IMG 7822

white flower of coffee tree
Coffee tree flower
IMG 5413

pink flowers of Hippeastrum Jenny
Hippeastrum 'Jenny'
IMG 8230

flower of Hippeastrum papilio
Hippeastrum papilio IMG 8255

red flowers of Justicia brandegeeana / Beleperone guttata shrimp plant
IMG 7245


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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