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catharanthus roseus pink flowers Catharanthus roseus
IMG 7747

pink flowers of Euphorbia millii Lipstick succulent plant crown of thornsEuphorbia millii 'Lipstick' IMG 7735

pink flowers of zinnea linearis on black background Zinnea linearis
IMG 7662

salvia nemorosa flowersSalvia nemorosa
IMG 7115

orange flowers of tropical vireya rhododendron Blaze of Glory
Vireya rhododendron
IMG 7573

red flowers of Scutellaria jester's joy
Scutellaria 'Jester's Joy' IMG 7185

red flowers of Scutellaria Jester's Joy
Scutellaria 'Jester's Joy' IMG 7186

flower of Stapelia gettlefii succulent plant
Stapelia gettlefii
IMG 6822

carnivorous trumpet pitcher plant Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia leucophylla IMG 7103

purple and white viola / pansy flower
Viola flower
IMG 7168

pink flowers of Tabebuia palmeri
Tabebuia palmeri
IMG 7125

purple / magenta flower of Tibouchina Alstonville
Tibouchina 'Alstonville' IMG 6866

purple and white pansy / viola flowers
Viola flowers
IMG 7202

pink flower of Tillandsia Houston airplant
Tillandsia 'Houston' IMG 7192

pink flowers of Tillandsia stricta airplant
Tillandsia stricta
IMG 7135

orange flowers of tropical vireya rhododendron Simbu Sunset
Vireya rhododendron
IMG 7208

salmon pink flowers of Freesia laxa / Anomatheca laxaFreesia laxa
IMG 8334

orange / red hippeastrum flowerHippeastrum
IMG 8351

red and white flower of honeysuckle Lonicera heckrottii Firecracker on black backgroundHoneysuckle - Lonicera IMG 8338A

blue and white flower of walking iris Neomarica gracilis Neomarica gracilis
IMG 8324


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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