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cattle egret chick ardea ibisCattle egret chick
IMG 2269

cattle egret chicks Cattle egret chicks
IMG 2139

cattle egret chicks ardea ibis Cattle egret chicks
IMG 2146

eurasian coot fulicra atra Eurasian coot
IMG 2098

cattle egret chicks ardea ibis Cattle egret chicks
IMG 2211

grass whistling ducks dendrocygna eytoniWhistling ducks
IMG 2088

white ibis on nest with chicks threskiornis moluccaIbis and chicks
IMG 2327

Australian brown cuckoo doveBrown cuckoo dove
IMG 3909A

grass whistling duck dendrocygna eytoni Whistling duck
IMG 2078

grass whistling ducks dendrocygna eytoni Whistling ducks
IMG 2080

blue billed duckBlue-billed duck on water IMG 3329

white ibis with large chick threskiornis moluccaIbis with fledgling IMG 2339A

black duckBlack duck
IMG 3214

chestnut tealChestnut teal on water IMG 7803

double barred finchDouble-barred finch IMG 3741A

Australian bustard / plains turkey in flightBustard in flight against sky IMG 7518

brahminy lite / sea eagle in flightBrahminy kite in flight IMG 4768B

Australian plains turkey / bustardBustard / plains turkey IMG 7521

dusky moorhen chickDusky moorhen chick IMG 3074

dusky moorhen juvenileDusky moorhen juvenile IMG 3067


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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