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As you take a photographic journey through this vast continent, you'll discover a world of unexpected and awe-inspiring beauty. It's a journey that will lead you to tropical rivers and mountain streams that mutter seductively across a diversity of landscapes; to sprawling azure lakes and secluded lagoons draped with shawls of water lilies; to the darkest corners of emerald forests; and to pristine beaches and rock-hemmed bays.

Along the route you'll be introduced to gaudy birds that flutter through the woodlands of immense national parks, and that add a fleeting splash of colour to the vibrant hues of the Australian outback landscape. You'll discover deserts that are far from uninhabited, and where the earth blooms with a riot of colour when rains chase drought to oblivion, and you'll meet some of the unique Australian animals that call this great land home.

Dazzling wildflowers and flowers of exotic garden plants will enthral you with a diversity of colour and form, and you'll find images relating to Australianing for, please CONTACT US to see what other images are available. A prompt response to all enquiries is guaranteed.