You've arrived at the best and most extensive gallery of photos of Australia that you're likely to find. Spectacular images of the Australian outback, of birds and animals, of wildflowers, national parks, cities, beaches, rivers and much more are here for you to enjoy, so....

G'day and welcome

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow artists, editors and publishers, blokes, sheilas, and IT nerds, photography is a serious business. It's my business, and as a photographer who's addicted to her art, a day without a camera in my hand seems as enthralling as a wet weekend in a broom cupboard. I'm thrilled that you've dropped by, and I'm delighted to be able to share my photos of Australia with you, but there's something I have to tell you now that I've got your attention.

I'm passionate about my religion, and I silently worship Mother Nature each time I see the wonders she has created. I pray that everyone who inhabits our beautiful planet will learn to love and value the natural world too, and I dream, with unquenchable optimism, that the earth's astounding diversity of wild creatures and stunning flora will survive for millennia to come. If you're not in tune with my religion, that's fine by me, but let me warn you that if you browse through this gallery of images and are unmoved by the beauty of Australia, you could be in for trouble.

In less time than it takes for a comet to vanish from the night sky I can, when required, evolve into a dedicated tickler. In my new guise, I'll be armed with a monstrous feather and prepared to attack and to watch you die laughing if you refuse to open your eyes to the beauty and the natural wonders of the world we all share. I know who you are. I know where you live, and I know all about your partner, your kids, your dog, your pet cockroach, and even about the heap of dirty dishes sitting in your kitchen sink.

During the more than 22 years of my work as a journalist, travel writer, and photographer my articles and images have been published in books, newspapers, and magazines in many countries, including Australia, the USA, Canada, Britain, and New Zealand. And now, if you know what's good for you, you'll settle down to relax as you browse through the approximately 2,000 images on display in this continually growing gallery.

You'll discover an array of pictures that are as awe-inspiring and diverse as the Australian landscape itself, and with each one available at a very affordable price, you can bring the beauty of Australia into your life, wherever you live. And don't forget, I know exactly where that is.

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