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scutellaria jesters joy scarlet flowersScutellaria 'Jester's Joy' IMG 5528

vireya rhododendron hop topic orange yellow flowers
Vireya rhododendron
IMG 4367

protea pink ice flower and leaves Protea 'Pink Ice'
IMG D477

pontederia cordata pickerel rush aquatic plant blue flowersPontederia cordata
IMG D411

polianthes tuberosa white tuberose flowers on white backgroundPolianthes tuberosa
IMG 6410

pachystachys lutea golden candles yellow bracts and white flowersPachystachys lutea
IMG D105

plumbago coccinea indica leadwort flowers Plumbago coccinea indica IMG D641

leucanthemum daisy may white daisies flowers Leucanthemum 'Daisy May' IMG 4632

purple flower of louisiana iris with green frog on petals of aquatic plantLouisiana iris with frog IMG 0249A

leucospermum conocarpodendron x glabrum mardi gras ribbons orange flowerLeucospermum
IMG 9031

ixora coccinea prince of orange red flowerIxora 'Prince of Orange' IMG 5383

holmskioldia sanguinea orange flowers of chinese hat cup and saucer plantHolmskioldia sanguinea IMG D469

purple flowers of melaleuca thymifolia australian native plantMelaleuca thymifolia
IMG 4737

close up of pink grevillea flowerGrevillea flower
IMG 7023

pink flower of gerbera bauerii nobleflora with raindrops on petalsGerbera flower
IMG D239-1A

cluster of red and white chrysanthemum flowersChrysanthemum flowers IMG D440

camellia sasanqua double white flowerCamellia sasanqua
IMG 7566

red and white flower of hibiscus dragon's breathHibiscus 'Dragon's Breath' IMG 4406

dark red flwoer of hippeastrum anticipationHippeastrum

IMG 8082

yellow flowers and variegated foliage of rockery ground cover plant lysimachia congestiflora sunsetLysimachia
IMG D473


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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