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blue faced honeyeater entomyzon cyanotis feedign on red flowers of bottlebrus callistemon treeBlue faced honeyeater IMG 6418

flock of emus in outback australiaEmus
IMG 1132

wedge tailed eagle feeding oncarcass of kangaroo in outback AustraliaWedge tailed eagle
IMG 5862

grey crowned babbler at bird bath / birdbathGrey crowned babbler IMG 6638

brahminy kiteBrahminy kite
IMG P0034

galah at sunrise in outback australiaGalah at sunrise
IMG 5988

superb blue wren on book in the wildSuperb blue wren
IMG 9499

plumed egretPlumed egret
IMG 9865A

superb blue wrenSuperb blue wren
IMG 8371

red capped robin on tree stump in outback australiaRed capped robin
IMG 6415

nankeen night heron in outback AustraliaNankeen night heron
IMG 5315

pair of corellas in the wildCorellas
IMG 9118

rainbow lorikeet feeding on flowers of corkwood tree Euodia elleryana syn Melicope Rainbow lorikeet
IMG 6595

bustard in australian outback plains turkey Bustard / plains turkey IMG 1559

ibis in water White ibis
IMG 3114

noisy friar bird with nesting materialNoisy friar bird
IMG 6529

straw necked ibisStraw necked ibis
IMG 4895

cattle egret ardea ibisCattle egret
IMG 1319

friar bird upside down feeding on flowers of bottlebrush callistemon treeNoisy friar bird
IMG 6276

face of kookaburra laughing jackassKookaburra
IMG 8348


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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