Australian animals - page 1

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greater glider rare australian animal
Greater glider
IMG 167

white lipped green tree frog on edge of bromeliadGreen tree frog
IMG 5391

eastern water dragon lizard in edge of river
Eastern water dragon
IMG 9860

koala in tree in the wild
IMG 9964

australian dingo, wild dogDingo
IMG 0099

possum twinsTwin possums
IMG 273E

shingleback lizard in outback australiaShingleback lizard
IMG 6442

tiny bright green tree frog among petals of flower, roseDainty tree frog in rose IMG 5526

eastern grey kangaroo and joey with pouch open
Kangaroo and joey
IMG 7039

rare marsupial, australian rock wallaby near Alice Springs NTBlack-footed rock wallaby IMG 5168

closeup of face of bearded dragon lizard
Bearded dragon
IMG 1169

garden snail on green leaf
Garden snail
IMG 6071

poisonous red bellied black snakeRed bellied black snake - IMG 8092

bandicootSouthern brown bandicoot IMG 8407

closeup of face of dingo, Australian wild dogDingo
IMG 5264


juvenile eastern water dragon on logEastern water dragon
IMG 3981

echidna - Australian spiny anteaterEchidna
IMG 8276

group of sea lions on beach near Streaky Bay South AustraliaSea lions
IMG 6807

red necked wallabyRed-necked wallaby
IMG 1494


All animals shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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