Australian animals - page 2

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IMG 9533

bearded dragon lizard on logBearded dragon
IMG 1165

humourous shot of camel in outback Australia peerign in through open car doorCamel
IMG 5196

australian snakes, non-venomous carpet pythonCarpet python
IMG 1010

head of bearded dragon lizard against white backgroundBearded dragon
IMG 001

australian dingo, wild dog, in outback NTDingo
IMG 5255

juvenile eastern water dragon lizard on rock against dark backgroundEastern water dragon
IMG 1104

australian echidna - spiny anteaterEchidna

closeup of kangaroo joey with head and legs hanging out of pouch
Kangaroo joey
IMG 7149

young kangaroo against background of golden flowers of acacia / wattle trees in outback Australia
Young kangaroo
IMG 8486

Australian green tree frog on stem of fern
Dainty tree frog
IMG 7019E

australian non-venomous snakes, carpet python
Carpet python
IMG 1093

male and female red kangaroos among tall dry grass in outback Australia
Red kangaroos
IMG 9406A

grey kangaroo in forest
Grey kangaroo

grey kangaroo in the wild
Grey kangaroo
IMG 2508

male and female red kangaroos in outback Australia
Red kangaroos
IMG 6388

green tree frog among white petals of rose flowerDainty tree frog in rose IMG 6581

eastern water dragon lizardEastern water dragon
IMG 7826

group of red kangaroos in outback australiaRed kangaroos
IMG 4949

swamp wallaby, wallabiaSwamp wallaby
IMG 7766


All animals shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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