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Australian farm dam and  barnFarm dam
IMG 364A

pear growingPear growing
IMG 098

harvested bales of cotton in fieldHarvested cotton
IMG 0795

pineapple growingPineapple growing
IMG 6490

fruit and flower of aubergine, egg plant
IMG 6306

cow grazingCow grazing
IMG 3984

sweet corn - maize growingSweet corn growing

free range turkeys on farmTurkeys
IMG 1383

drumhead cabbage growingCabbage

red and green chillies growingChillies
IMG D420

team of four horses ploughing in fieldHorses ploughing
IMG 9163E

closeup of red deer on farmRed deer

closeup of flock of alpacasSuri alpacas
IMG 5D3-0496

sugar cane plantationSugar cane plantation
IMG D489-19AE2

Crop of flowering canolaField of flowering canola - IMG 4449A

sugar cane plantationSugar cane plantation
IMG D488-23AE2

cotton boll growingCotton growing
IMG 0649

Dragon fruitDragon fruit / Pitaya
IMG 02

guavas . feijoas growingGuavas / Feijoas
IMG D748

hydroponic strawberries growingStrawberries
IMG 6840


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