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dingo - Australian wild dog

dingo lying on rock in the wild

Dingo IMG 0099 - The Australian dingo, a native dog, is regarded as vermin due to the fact that it is a carnivore that preys on domestic livestock such as sheep. Poisoned baits are laid to kill it, and property owners can legally shoot any dingo they see on their land, but it is protected in areas that have been declared as national parks, such as Fraser Island. The dingoes that inhabit this World Heritage listed island have occasionally attacked humans, and sadly a small child died a few years ago after being mauled by a dingo, but it is the animals themselves that need protection here. Uninformed tourists, who seem ignorant of the fact that these are wild animals that can adequately fend for themselves, frequently feed the dingoes, and this practice inevitably diminishes the level of fear that these beautiful animals might have once had for humans.

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