about the photographer

I'm never happier than when I'm travelling in the great outdoors taking photos of stunning Australian landscapes or unique and beautiful wildlife. As a freelance travel writer and photographer I can paddle my kayak along lazy rivers, drift across the calm waters of lakes, dawdle along sandy beaches, and peer into every nook and cranny of outback or mountainous national parks all in the name of work. It's an enviable lifestyle that might appear to be an endless series of holidays, but in reality it's hard work, although you won't hear me complaining.

wedgetailed eagleDuring the approximately 22 years of my career, my written and photographic work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and books in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Canada. My articles and images have also been been used by Australian tourism authorities in their promotional material.

The primary emphasis of my work as a freelance writer relates to travel, and I've been a regular contributor of articles and images to On The Road magazine for more than 15 years. I also cover agricultural issues, with my material having been published in several of Australia's most popular farming magazines, including the national publication Small Farms, to which I have been a monthly contributor for around nine years.

floral designI was a writer long before I had any concept of how to use a camera, and I began writing at such an early age that I've always assumed I must have scrawled my first words in daubs of blood as I emerged, screaming and gasping, from the womb, but when photography came into my life it allowed me to incorporate my passion for wildlife and for flowers into my work.

Having come from a long line of commercial nurserymen; with a horticultural certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in Britain; and with an extensive sub-tropical garden that contains a vast range of plant species, you'll have to excuse me if brag a little and tell you that I have a considerable knowledge of plants and their cultivation. The majority of the flowers shown on this site are ones that thrive in my garden, and with an abundance of trees and surrounding woodlands it's a haven for birds and native animals, and that means that photographic opportunities are literally on the doorstep.

bridge over canalWhen it comes to travel, I'll go anywhere where my passions and the chance of a good story or the opportunity to capture some great images leads me - from the coastal regions of Australia, to its forests and the outback and anywhere in between. Overseas adventures have led me to South America where I've spent almost 12 months, and to Easter Island, Dubai, Singapore, and Britain, and although my extensive photo library includes many images of these varied destinations, you won't find them here as this site focuses entirely on images of Australia. If you're looking photos of any of these alternative regions however, please contact me to see what's available.

macro image of blow flyMy images have been widely used in calendars, on advertising material, and on websites. Many are hanging on the walls of houses and offices around the world, and some have been reproduced in amazing situations, including commercial packaging in India, on the walls of a railway tunnel at a theme park in the USA, and as a backdrop to a waterfall in a beautifully designed garden feature.

I hope you'll enjoy everything you see and read on this extensive and continually evolving site, and I look forward tofrom hearing from you, but remember, if you find errors relating to the creation of this website, and I'm sure you will, I'm a photographer and a writer, not a computer nerd.


Stephanie Jackson